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While listening or watching NEWS you may have heard about cyber crime cases and more specifically if you had even heard about the term investigate email header. Have any Idea? No! Anyway let it be explaining from the scratch.

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Emails are the most infringed sources of any cyber crime cases. The case of spamming, spoofing, pharming and phishing all shows the involvement of emails. But the front end of email i.e. its visible interface that we see doesn't show any sign of infringement, but its header reveals all the truth. Mostly people doesn't aware with the fact of email header. So here the explanation given:

"Header is a collection of components that are required from email routing to email sending for ex: Message Id, IP address of sender, MTA (Routing Information), MIME Version, Encoding type & so forth."

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So the sufficient source to investigate forensic email is to do the complete email header investigation. But imagine someone has destroyed the email header or eliminate the important information. Before the question arises in your mind that how to investigate email header, you should know how to view it. For viewing Gmail header open a mail then Click the Down arrow then select the Show Original option, you will automatically redirected to the header of the corresponding email.

To investigate forensic email it is required to investigate email header. Here is the tool for email header investigation i.e. MailXaminer. The program not only exhibits the investigate email header process but also proffers the scanning, recovery, preservation, search, conversion, analysis environment.

Supported Features of MailXaminer

  • Extract emails up to 500 GB of distinct mail archives (Mozilla Thunderbird, Ms Exchange, The Bat, Mac Outlook, MS Outlook, IncrediMail etc.)
  • Header of Email Archives

  • Provide individual analysis platform for mails, contacts and attachments.
  • The multiple preview of email components (attachment, contact and mail) are provided in HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME header representation, to investigate email header properly.
  • Email Analysis

  • Search email items with its powerful set of filters.
  • Also execute the conversion of email and contacts.

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